Friday, 14 February 2014

On the other side

It has been a while since my last blog. The reason is that I have been very tired this winter due to too many infections. I have been sleeping and dreaming more than usual. Strange and exiting dreams which I remember afterwards. It is like in the old Norwegian Medieval song of "Draumkvedet", meaning the song about the dream. It is a Norwegian equivalent to Dante's "Devin Comedy", only presumably a little older. They think it is from around year 900 - 1000, during the period when Norway was christened. It tells tales from the other side. The side where the spirits live and where the souls go after death. Tales of creation and doom.
Legg til bildetekst

These dreams have inspired me to make many different projects. My own personal Draumkvad, which I have documented through my work. I thought I would like to tell about these projects, as many of them turned out well.

The first project is a scarf, inspired by the idea of the other side. The scarf is equal on both sides, but inverted. What is light in the pattern on one side is dark on the other. The pattern, which is a standard patent stitch, is knitted in two colours. I have done this when knitting in a circle before, but it was a challenge doing it back and forth. But after an evening of trail and error I found a way to do it.

The scarf is knitted in Tynn Alpakka from Du store Alpakka, which is a lovely and soft Alpaca yarn. The scarf is knitted in Indigo and Magenta. One side light and one darker. When I took the pictures, it was raining, so I had to take them indoors. Thus the bleak colours. In real life, the colours are very bright. And both sides of the scarf are equally beautiful.

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  1. The scarf is simple and the colours are brilliant. It is a beautiful scarf.