Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Knitting doll clothes

I love to knit doll clothes. It does not take a long time to make, and I have many lovely patterns. Also, most young girls love to receive new clothing for their dolls.

 I found this fantastic pattern book with baby clothes. Included was a doll size of all the patterns. I have knitted most of the patterns in the book, both for babies and dolls. Here are a couple of examples, knitted for my daughter’s dolls a couple of years ago.

An Amigurami birthday card

I have started a tradition of crocheting an Amigurami to my daughter’s class mates in stead of a traditional birthday card. It has become a nice tradition, and only two of her friends remain before all the girls in her class have got their own.

I found the pattern for these small amiguramis in the book "Vikla Amigurumi" by Mia Bengtson. Here are some pictures of the latest dolls. When these are given away, I have finished the first round. Whether there will be a second round remains to be seen.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


A colleague of mine was to start in a new job as a consultant. She had been my boss for many years, and now she was going out to conquer the world. To help her in this task, I though she needed a “Mini-Me”, capturing the essence of what she represents. Since I am not able to make a clone (as the original Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movies is), I had to crochet my own version of her (see her picture in the lower left corner).

The doll is based on two free doll patterns by Beth Webber, called "Free Spirit" and "Mini Free Spirit". The patterns are posted, along with many other beautiful patterns, on her blog named “By hock by hand”. The head, hands and feet are from the Mini Free Spirit doll, whereas the body is a variation on the Free Spirit doll. For the hair I used a very flossy yarn, crocheting the wig cap and using my crochet hock to pick out the strands, making a thick nice hair. I hope my colleague will think of us every time she is looking at her Mini-Me.