Monday, 5 December 2011

Alpaca sweater

Here is a sweater I have knitted this autumn. It is an old fashion ribbed sweater with a high neckline, knitted in alpaca wool. I simply love these sweaters. They are warm, easy to knit with a very classic design.

The sweater is knitted in Tynn Alpakka from "Du store alpakka". I found the pattern free of charge on "Du store alpakkas" web-page. You can find the pattern in this number of Strikk (pattern nr. 9). Unfortunately, the pattern is only in Norwegian, but with the help of Google, it should be possible to follow.

This is the second time I have knitted this sweater. I have knitted it in grey before (as in the pattern). I also knitted the shawl in design 10, which goes with this sweater. It is very soft and warm, and is a good every day shawl. I definitely recommend knitting both the sweater and the shawl. They are easy to knit and warm to wear.