Monday, 23 September 2013

Starlight through night goggles

I really wanted to make a squared ring shawl using the "Starlight in a Bleak night"-pattern. I wanted a light simple bridal shawl, where you could see the stars through a canopy of foliage.

I chose a thin merino wool yarn called Fine Merino to knit this shawl. It is a very lightweight yarn, and it makes an almost invisible lace. I have used this yarn before when knitting the "Thistle"- and the "Dainty chevrons"-shawls, and on My first ring shawl.

I also thought that Mustard would be a nice colour. How wrong I was (as I found out relatively quickly). The colour made the shawl look like you were looking at the night skies through night goggles; all in a kind of yellow green colour. For that reason, I did not make the shawl as large as I initially planned.

Luckily for me, the colour on these pictures lies a little, so it looks better than it really is. No matter what, this patter reminds me that I will always find my way back home no matter how impossible everything seems at the moment (to understand why, read this blog).

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Day flower scarf

This summer, my family and I went to the Folk Museum in Oslo. It is a nice place to be when the sun is shining. They also have craft stores there, practising old handy crafts. In one of the stores, they sell yarn and instructions on how to apply old techniques, etc. In this store, I found this lovely Italian yarn called Filatura Di Crosa Superior, which is a lovely blend of cashmere, silk and merino wool. It is soo soft and light, and I just had to buy some skeins. I bought two different colours, one of which was this lovely indigo.

Wondering what to make from it, I remembered a shawl I made last spring, based on a beautiful pattern I found in Barbara G. Walker's book series "A Treasury of Knitting Patterns", called the Day flower shawl. I decided to make a scarf based on the same pattern.

It is a long and thick scarf, keeping you warm on cold winter days. I made this scarf for a friend, hoping to be able to give it in time for the winter cold.