Sunday, 28 April 2013

My Ocean

One of the most beloved pattern in the Shetland tradition of knitted laces is the "Print of the waves" pattern. This is a beautiful pattern that exists in different versions, both for the centre and for the boarder. You can find several versions in Sharron Miller's book "Heireloom knitting".

My favourite use of this pattern is probably the lady who knitted her own garden fence with a "Print of the waves" edge boarder. Here is also a link to a free pattern of a very beautiful shawl using this pattern. This blog is unfortunately no longer active, but it has a lot of great inspiration for those who love to knit.

This is my small contribution to the use of this pattern. My ocean. A narrow and simple scarf with the simplest version of this pattern both in the centre and on the boarders.

I have knitted the scarf in a thin silk and stainless steel yarn from Habu in a colour called "Ocean blue" (you can buy this yarn here). The colour reminds me of the water inside the caldera of Santorini and of lazy summer holidays on the Aegean sea. Beaches and sunny days. Calm, clear and dark sea-green warm water. Hmmmmm .... I just love it.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My spot in the sun

About a week ago, a journalist from the magazine Allers called and asked if she could make a reportage about me and my Mini-Me-s. A little worried about how pictures of me will turn out on glossy paper, I agreed. And today they came and took pictures of me, most of my dolls (those who were available) and some of my colleagues who I have made a doll of.

Since most of the Mini-Me-s were standing in different offices at work, the reportage was made at my workplace. I think it went well, although I was a bit nervous. I have to admit that I felt a little out of place being a model, and my smile became a little stiff after a while, but they were very good at making it a pleasant experience.

I really wonder how this will turn out. I do not know when the article will appear, but if it turns out well, you will hear more about it. If not, .... Well, we'll have to see.