Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Discovering Amiguramies

One day, when I was shopping for a birthday present for one of my daughter’s class mates, I spotted a little book about crocheted Amiguramies. It reminded me of the Zech puppet theatres of the children’s programs of my youth. The book was full of very sweet and small Amiguramies, and I couldn’t resist buying it.

I have crocheted a couple of the puppets in the book. Several of the Amiguramies are so small that I only use a couple of hours making them. I have started a tradition crocheting a little doll to attach to each birthday present, instead for writing a card. It has become very popular among my daughter’s class mates.

I was not the only one in my family to enjoys Amiguramies. My daughter started an Amigurami club, where she and her friends meet every Sunday to make things for the Amiguramies. I have crocheted a little bear for everyone, and they are making dresses, hats, sleeping bags, skirts, and much more for their Amiguramis. It has been a nice way to teach them how to crochet.

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