Thursday, 3 June 2010

Tablecloths by Bente Mahlm

I never really liked tablecloths. I don’t like to iron them and I don’t really like the esthetics of embroidered tablecloths. They look like they belong in the home of an old lady. That is why I was really pleased when I discovered that quilted tablecloths often look really nice. The ironing is limited and they are fun to make as well.

In particular, I fell in love with the designs of Bente Mahlm. I have made a couple of tablecloths with fall motives, with applications of leaves and blueberries. I think they look very nice, but my husband does not like checked fabric, so they are banish to our summer home. The girl in the picture is my daughter, Elise, who thought pictures of just the tablecloth were boring.

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