Thursday, 10 March 2011

A birthday card in cross stitches

Last year, I made a little amigurami as a birthday card for each of the girls in my daughters class (see here for the link to last years birthday cards). This year, I wanted to sew something for them. So I looked through my cross stitch recipes, and found a book with some small fairies forming letters (see here for a link to the book). I decided to make a small pin cushion with the initial capital for each of the girls.


I have embroidered all of the letters, and made most of the pin cushions (see various pictures). The A stands for Ane, B for Bethine, E for Elida, Emilie and Elise, H for Hanne, I I for Ingrid Irene, M for Mia, S for Synne and T for Thelma. Two of the cushions are already given away, and the last one is given away in December.



I hope the girls like the cushions, and maybe I have inspired them to make some things themselves.


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  1. How very sweet of you! What a wonderful gift for the children to keep.