Monday, 25 March 2013

Glamour for my daughter

My daughter Elise was a little grumpy because I have knitted many shawl, but none for her. It was cold, and she had no scarves that she thought looked nice. So I went to the store and found a yarn that looked like it ought to be a scarf for my daughter.

The yarn is called Kid Silk Haze Glamour from Rowan, and is a silk and mohair combination with sequins. The sequins are attached to the yarn with a nylon thread. Fortunately, this tread is not very visible because the yarn is relatively fluffy. I also found her favorite color (called Trance 284), so she was very happy when I got home and showed her yarn. She wanted a simple scarf, so I made a version "Thousands of blue anemones".

As of now, she has not used the scarf yet. She may think that it's too fancy to use at school. It doesn't really matter because in seven months time there will be another winter.

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