Thursday, 14 April 2011


This is Mini-Cathrine. She is an active person. Her favourite hobby is to kite, both on snow and on water. Today, she is kiting on water. Even though she is no longer a youth, she still chooses to spend most of her spare time kiting with (mainly) young fit men in their early twenties, much to the other Mini-Me’s astonishment.

The water is made by the Catharine wheel stitch (see here for an instructional video of how to crochet this stitch ). This stitch makes an uneven surface which reminds me of small waves. Her hair is made by a flossy yarn, in the same fashion as Mini-Annegrete. Her eyes is bought in a net shop called Suncatcher eyes.

Her kite is crochet in two layers, with padding in between and pipecleaners along the edges. This makes it possible to form the kite in an arc, which gives the illusion that it is filled with air and blowing in the wind. The kite board is padded with quilting padding, and sewn onto the water with a doll stand inside.

Mini-Cathrine is, as my other Mini-Me dolls, a modified version of Beth Webber’s doll "Mini Free Spirit". You can find this, and many other beautiful doll patterns, on her blog "By hook by hand". Mini-Cathrine is to be given to a colleague of mine (see picture on the right) on her 48th birthday right before easter.

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  1. Very sweet doll! :) I, too, follow Beth's blog and love her dolls.