Thursday, 14 April 2011


This is Mini-Iulie. She loves the nature, and likes to go on long trips cross country skiing or hiking in the mountains. She is very concerned with issues of bio-diversity, and tries to make people be precautionary with gene modified produce. Here, she is evaluating bio-diversity in a gene modified corn field. She likes to dress in colourful cloths, and her favourite colour is sea green.

Mini-Iulie is a modification of Beth Webber’s doll "Mini Free Spirit", which you can find the pattern for on her blog "By hook by hand". The hair is made by crocheting some big curles in Faerytail from Du store alpakka, covered by some angle hair I found in my local crafts store.

Her shawl is made by a thin quilting thread in Egyptian cotton, called King Tut. Her cloths are crochet in a no. 10 crochet yarn called Sissy 10.

You can find the pattern for the butterflies in the book "100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet". Her eyes is bought in the net shop Suncatcher eyes.
This doll is to be given to a colleague of mine called Iulie, on her 55 birthday (see the picture on the left). I hope they will enjoy each others company.

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