Monday, 20 June 2011


Bodil is the closest of my colleagues, and we have worked closely together for almost 15 years. She is very active, and cycles every day to work, both winter and summer, through snow and rain. She also works out a lot, but she hates to walk the stairs and go for long walks. The only thing she hates more is to take the tram to work. So when she fractured her thumb in the ski slopes this Christmas, she walked for two hours to get to and from work.
Bodil was lost when she could no longer cycle to work. So I thought the theme for her doll should be "A lost cycle season", featuring Mini-Bodil lying face down in the snow. However, Bodil worked out a lot, and by the beginning of May, she was on her bike again. Considering the severity of her injury, this was so impressing that the title for her Mini-Me had to be "A recovered bicycle season".

The problem with this theme was that I had to crochet a bicycle, which I had no idea how to do. I searched high and low for materials to make it with, and found some aluminum rods I could use. With some help from my husband concerning how a bicycle is constructed, it was far easier than I expected, even if I sewed the gear on the wrong side of the bike. If you want to read more about how I crocheted the bike, see this blog.

Mini-Bodil is like the other Mini-Mes a modification of Beth Webber's doll "Mini Free Spirit". You can find patterns for this and many other beautiful dolls, with clothing and more, on her blog "By hock by hand". The hair is made of a mixture of Faerytale from Du store alpakka and Plumet from Sesia. Her eyes are from Sunchatcher Eyes, and the doll herself is crocheted in an acrylic yarn I found on Craft designs 4 you called Red Heart Super Saver. Her clothing is crocheted from leftovers.

Bodil's birthday was on the 6th June, and I hope she will enjoy her Mini-Me.

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