Monday, 20 June 2011

Six small kitchen mice

When we bought our cabin, it needed touching up. This also applied for the curtains. The curtains in the kitchen were not better than several others, but still very ugly. I wanted to make some new ones.

So I went to by some fabric. I ended up with a white and blue fabric with garlic, chive and other herbs on it.

I wanted to make a nice valance for the kitchen window, both as decoration and to prevent people from looking in. I found patterns of six very sweet kitchen mice in a book filled with cross stitch patterns of Beatrix Botter's pictures. I have embroidered several of the patterns in this book earlier, among others a tailor mouse and Peter rabbit. It does not matter that this book is in French (which I don't know), as all the patterns are self-explanatory.

I had problems taking good pictures of the curtain, due to the back light from the window. So I took the valance down to take some pictures.
The mice came out nicely, and really look good in my kitchen. But I have to admit that I prefer Beatrix Potter's version better than real mice in the kitchen.


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