Friday, 2 September 2011


This is Mini-Taran. She is not like the other Mini-Me-s. She has shoes, or rather silver boots, and she has bendable joints. She is to be given to my boss, and I thought that boots would suit the boss' doll. Also, I have to admit that my boss' silver boots fascinated me, and I couldn't help my self. The reason she has bendable joints, is that she loves yoga. The posture on the picture above is called "the tree", and is an exercise for the balance .

Below, Mini-Taran is pictured in different postures: (directly translated) "broad warrior", "royal dancer", "the dove", "the camel" and in a lotus posture. She can pretty much manage most yoga postures with the help of something to lean against and some pins.
Mini-Taran, is like the other Mini-Me-s a modification of Beth Webber's doll "Mini Free Spirit". The idée to how to make the joints bendable, I found from another of Beth's dolls, called "Pocket Free Spirit". You can find the pattern for these and many other beautiful dolls, with accessories and clothing, on her blog "By hock by hand".

Mini-Taran's hair is made of a yarn called Tynn Alpakka from Du store alpakka. Her eyes is from Sunchatcher Eyes, and the doll itself is crocheted in an acryllic yarn I found on Craft designs 4 you named Red Heart Super Saver. Her skirt is croched out of quilting thread, and her top is made out of a thin crochet yarn DMC. Her jacket is made of a woll embroidery yarn from Appelton, and the silver boots are crocheted in Metallic Fine fra Ancor.

The hard wood floor in crochet in a local yarn called Rosendahl, whereas the yoga mat is crocheted out of various leftovers. She also has a doll stand, to enable her to stand firmly while doing her yoga exercise.

She is to be given to my bossTaran when she has her 50th birthday now in August.

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