Friday, 23 September 2011

The Peacock Shawlette

Recently, I have knitted many thin lace shawls, both based on patterns from Estonia and Shetland. Now, I wanted to knit a shawl in a more thick yarn, to use as a scarf during the cold winter months. I found a series of patterns designed by Kitman Figueroa on the internet. I bought several, but the first one I tried was this, named "Peacock Shawlette".

The shawlette is knitted in an alpaca yarn called Tynn Alpakka from Du store alpakka. I tried to find a colour looking like a peacock, but the one I found was a little dark. In sunlight, however, the colour is beautiful, with a hint of green.
I really enjoyed knitting this shawl, and it is very fast to do. I only used two evenings knitting this shawl. It is a great pattern to start with if you have not knitted lace shawls before. It was actually so fun, that I knitted four more when I first started. I will pose them on the blog during the fall. The plan is to give these shawls away for Christmas.
Finally, I would like to thank my daughter Elise, for being my model, even though she did not want to.

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