Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My second Peacock Shawlette

I have knitted a series of shawls designed by Kitman Figueroa. The first shawl I made was called "Peacock Shawlette". I really liked to knit my first peacock shawlette, so I just had to make one more. This shawl I made in a yarn called Fin fra Du store Alpakka, which is a lovely mix of baby alpaca and silk.
Making lace shawls was really easy using this yarn, and there are some lovely hand painted varieties. I have used one of these in this shawl, which is a mix of blue, turquoise and sea green. I really fell i love with this yarn.

This yarn makes the lace patterns very smooth, and I believe it is sufficient just to iron shawls using this yarn (even though I blocked this shawl out).

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