Monday, 2 January 2012

Weeping Willow alpaca cardigan

I have two passions in life with respect to knitting: to knit with alpaca yarn and lace knitting. I wanted to combine the two in a sweater. I came up with this jacket, knitted in Tynn Alpakka from "Du store alpakka". 

It is based on one of my favorite patterns from the Estonian tradition of lace knitting. The pattern is called Weeping Willows. I have used it before, for the Weeping Willow shawl, and I thought it would make a nice pattern for a cardigan. Or rather, I actually started on the jacket firs, last winger. I did not finish before the spring came, and I did not finish it until this fall, after making the shawl.
The reason why the cardigan was not finished was that it became a bit too large, because I did not account for the increase in length after the pattern was blocked out. I did account for the blocked gauche with respect to how many stitches to use, but forgot it when it came to how many repetitions of the pattern I needed. As a result, the sleeves became too long. I solved this problem simply by taking them up a bit. Then, I crochet the edging afterwards. It became OK, although not great.

My aim is to write the pattern down, for other to be able to knit the cardigan if they want to. It takes some time to write out my notes, but I hope it will be finished within a couple of weeks, at least for a Norwegian version of the pattern.

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