Tuesday, 24 January 2012

My new mitten project

I found this fantastic book called "Hand garments for bunads" (Norwegian title: Håndplagg til bunader og folkedrakter) by Heidi Fossnes. The author had travelled around the country, visiting museums all over Norway, making copies of old hand garments. The book includes the story of the original mitten, with pictures of it, as well as patterns for (and pictures of) the reproduction. This book is a must have (if you can read Norwegian).

I made one pair of fingerless mittens from Ål in Hallingdal and wrote a blog about it. Right before Christmas, I got a comment to the blog from a lady who was responsible for purchases for a film. She asked me if I could help her make a couple of mittens, which I would love to.

I Googled her, and it turned out that she had partisipated in several large Hollywood productions. Luckyly, I did not know this when I agreed to help her. Not that I would not have helped her anyway, but it makes the conversation more relaxed when you do not know (I have a tendency to be star struck). I do not know what the film is about. My ten year old daughter is nagging me to find out. I guess I have to ask her in my next mail......

She wanted five mittens: four fingerless mittens and one pair of large driving mittens (which they used in the old days driving a hourse and sledge). I am going to use the embroidery from most of the mittens I have included a  picture of in this blog (all the pictures included are from Heidi Fossum's book), only sewn on to fingerless mittens in stead of mittens and gloves. However, several of the mittens will look like the original, inkluding the large driving mittens.

I am off to a good start. All the mittens are now made, and I have finished the embroidery on more than half of them. At the moment, I am embroidering the driving mittens. When I was at it, I decided to make a couple of extra mittens (mainly for my own satisfaction). I have finished five pairs of fingerless mittens, and I have made two more pairs which need to be embroidered (in addition to the driving mittens). Then, she can choose whomever she wants. I have also varied the size of the mittens, giving her more choices.

I will write a series of blogs describing these mittens. Hopefully, I find out what kind of movie she is working on. If I am lucky (and my work is good), some of my mittens will get a new life in sunny California.


  1. Hello! This is a interesting blog! I found this while I was looking for patterns for a telemark-skirt. Do you happen to know where to find them?

    1. Hi

      I bought a package containing the linen fabric, the embroidery pattern, embroidery thread, needles and an instruction for how to put the shirt together at a craft store called Husfliden (http://www.heimen.net/Produkter/ProductAreaId/31/ProduktKategoriSti/Bunad/RecurseCategories/true). I do not know whether they can provide the pattern for you in English, but if you are lucky they may be able to provide an English version. Send them a mail (heimen@heimen.net), or call them at (+47 23 21 42 00).


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  3. Hei Bente,
    Is is possible to purchase the embroidery patterns used for the East Telemark Bunad or mittens or gloves? I have really been wanting to make something with this pattern embroidered onto it. Take for any help!
    -Marilyn Hanson-Hagen Yoder