Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fingerless mittens with rose seam

My latest project has been a series of fingerless mittens and driving mittens based on patterns from Heidi Fossnes' book "Håndplagg til bunad og folkedrakter". Here is the first pair. It is a couple of fingerless mittens with an embroidery of rose seam found on a pair of gloves from Tinn in Telemark. The original pair of gloves was found on Vaalund Gård, and is probably from around the turn of the century.

The mittens are knitted in a wool yarn called Falk from Dale. The pattern for the mittens is also from Heidi Fossnes' book, and originates from Valle in Setesdal. The rose seam is embroidered in a fine woll yarn from Appelton. There is an incredible amount of beutiful shades of colours, which made the task of finding the yarn for the embroidery easy.

The rose seam is sewn with contour stitches, also as fillings. This makes the embroidery almost three dimensional. You should probably use a thicker more hard spun thread for this kind of embroidery, but I did not find this kind of thread with sufficiently large array of colours in my local craft store.


  1. Ooooh, how lovely! Just love them!

  2. They are beautiful!