Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fingerless mittens from Heidal

Here comes another pair of fingerless mittens in my series of mittens based on Heidi Fossnes' book "Håndplagg til bunad og folkedrakter". Originally, this embroidery was sewn on a pair of black mittens that was found in Heidal, in Nord-Gubrandsdalen. The original pair came to museum in 1911, so they are probably from the last half of the 1900th century. You can find a picture of a reproduction of the original pair of mittens here.

These fingerless mittens are knitted in a yarn called Falk from Dale. The pattern for the fingerless mittens is originally from another pattern in the book, and comes from Valle in Setesdal. The embroidery is done with a fine wool thread from Appelton. I doubled the thread to give the pattern more fullness.
This was a fairly easy and fast pair of mittens to make, and the embroidery was easy to get pretty even if the mittens are knitted in a relatively thick yarn with (in this context) relatively large needles (2 mm). The pattern was a bit too big for the fingerless mittens, but I made them go into the upper edge, which made them look pretty anyway. I highly recommend this pattern, even if it probably looks best on a black pair of mittens as in the original.

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