Monday, 17 September 2012

The Valentines day shawl

All girls love harts. However, I have only found a few knitted lace patterns of harts. The reason is probably that they are hard to knit. I have gathered what I have found for this shawl, which I have named the Valentines day shawl.

This shawl consists of a centre, which is knitted in two parts (sewn together), an inner and and outer boarder, which are knitted on afterwards. In the centre, I have chosen one of the most famous Estonian lace pattern, named the Greta Garbo pattern. On the outside of the Greta Garbo pattern in the centre, I have added a row of harts.

The Greta Garbo pattern was made for a shawl which was knitted for Greta Garbo. Most of the patterns dedicated to famous persons is given to them when they are visiting Estonia. Not this pattern. According to the story, the shawl was sent by mail to Greta Garbo (in Hollywood) in the hope that she would use it. It is a lovely pattern, which comes in many varieties. I chose this one, which I found in Nancy Bush's book "Knitted Laces of Estonia". 

I found the pattern for the harts surrounding the Greta Garbo pattern in one of my favourite blogs; A passion for lace. Monique, who is writing this blog, has made many lovely patterns, many of which are sold on Raverly. These harts are from the "Love on the Edge" shawl. Outside the row of harts, on the inner border, I have used a pattern which looks like a thousand small flowers. You may find this pattern on Monique's Love on the Edge shawl as well. You may also find it in Sharon Millers book ”Heireloom Knitting”. I have used this pattern several times, among others on the lilac shawl and wrapped in a pink cloud. The pattern for the outer border is also from Monique's shawl Love on the Edge. I used this pattern, as I thought the three circles looked like small harts.

The shawl is knitted in a bamboo yarn called Habu Textiles XS-6, 20/3 Bamboo. The skeins are incredibly large, containing almost 1400 yards on each skein. I used only 1/2 skein for this shawl. This bamboo yarn is shiny, slippery and firm, so the shawl falls pretty heavy around the shoulders. It also makes it difficult to knit the pattern evenly. In hindsight, it might not have been the best yarn to knit the row of harts in the centre with, as the slippery yarn makes the treads that holds the shape of the harts together slide back and forth. It was also pretty difficult to block. Well, you never know these things until afterwards.
This was a relatively difficult shawl to knit, both because of the yarn, the knobs and because the row of harts in the centre and the pattern on the outer border was knitted on both sides. But I am pretty pleased with the result.

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  1. Just lovely. You do such beautiful work. Also, it's so perfectly displayed over red. :) Nice!