Saturday, 19 October 2013

Indigo in green

I love Jason Mraz, and one of my favourite songs of his is "I never knew you". I always envisioned that it was about a man who loves his girlfriend to the moon and back. He wakes up one morning not remembering anything. When he meets her, he knows that he knows her, and that he loves her, but he can't seem to remember any their special moments together. He asks her all kind of questions trying to get back to where they once were.

There is especially one section of the song that got to me. He looks at her and see that she is wearing brown, and says "Maybe your favourite colour is brown". But a voice inside his head says what he knows to be true; "Indigo enlivened in green". He tries to resonate based on observations, but deep down  he knows the truth even if there is nothing there to support it. He knows just because he loves her.

When I was looking for some lace weight yarns for another shawl, my eyes fell on this lovely thick yarn from Rowan, called "Thick'n' Thin". There was this incredibly beautiful combination of indigo in green, called Basalt, that reminded me of this song. And of course; I had to buy it to make something.

When I sit in my living room during winter time, I always wear a thick jacket to keep warm. I could not help wanting to make such a jacket from this yarn. This winter, when knitting my shawls and scarfs, I'll be embracing myself in this thick warm jacket that reminds me of the magic of true and eternal love.

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