Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Valentines day scarf

Last year I made a shawl called the Valentines day shawl. The shawl is covered by harts; in the centre, along the sides and on the edges. I loved this pattern so much that I wanted to make a scarf based on the same pattern.

I needed a new border on the edges, since I wanted the scarf to have strait sides. I looked in all my books, but did not find any that resembled harts, so I had to make one myself. I made one that looked as much as a hart as possible, with nobs within to give them volume.

For this scarf I used a lovely Italian yarn called Filatura Di Crosa Superior, which is a lovely blend of cashmere, silk and merino wool. I bought this yarn at the Folk Museum in Oslo. I have used this yarn previously on the Day flower scarf. I absolutely love it, as it gives a light, warm, thick, fluffy and soft scarf for the cold winter days.

I hope to give this scarf to someone I love, so it may warm the hart as well as the neck this winter.

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